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Have you seen those "random" URL scripts that take you to a random URL? Or, how about those fortune cookie scripts? They're kind of cool, but most are written in a way that cannot guarantee that all links or fortunes will ever be displayed, or that they will be displayed an equal number of times. I wanted a script like this, but I wanted to make sure that each piece of text would be displayed an equal number of times, and that the same text wouldn't be repeated until all the items had been displayed. Instead of writing a script that does everything randomly, I decided to just do things serially.

What it does

The textrotate script basically returns the next line in a specified file. It then puts the first line at the end of the file. Can you think of any cool uses for a script like this?

What's it good for

Say for example that you want a quotable quote to be displayed each time someone visited your page, and you want the quote to be different each time. How do you do this? Check out the examples given here. They will show you how by using the textrotate script in different ways. By the way, you'll need server side includes to do this cool stuff.