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Bo Larsson's Internet Server Software
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Last updated 21 May 2020

Perl CGI Scripts

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classifieds 970115 NEW!
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rotater 961119
navigate 961117
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youraddress 961110

Java Applets

jclock 961204 NEW!
jcounter 961114

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Welcome to Bo Larsson's Internet Server Software archive! Our site is sponsored by Seagull Networks, who has generously provided the server space.

So, you've been looking for basic CGI programming examples in Perl, or been wanting to delve into the world of Java but were afraid of the complexity of Java programming? You've come to the right place!

See the list at the left of the page? Items marked NEW! have been added relatively recently.

Simply click on one of the items, and you'll be taken to a page that describes the Perl script or Java applet. In most cases, this page will also allow you to try the script out and download a copy of the source.

All of the scripts in this archive are Copyright 1997-2015 Bo Larsson. You may edit and use them freely, but you may not redistribute them, either in their original or modified form. We want to make sure there aren't zillions of different versions of our scripts out there, so if you have a modification you think others will appreciate, email it to me, and I'll try to get the modification included in a future version of the script or applet.

Although there are only a few examples available at this time, we are going to try to include at least one Perl CGI script and one Java applet every week, so check back often! We're also taking suggestions, so if you are looking to solve a particular problem, email me at, and I will see if our programming staff can accommodate you.

Custom programming services
If you are looking for some heavy-duty programming for your web site, we offer expert assistance at competitive rates. Email me at with a description of what you want to do, and I'll let you know wh at we think it will take to come up with a solution.

One more thing: do you have a service or product that might be of interest to visitors to our pages? If so, consider sponsoring Bo Larsson's Script Archive. It could be an effective way to boost your sales, and it's very, very economical. Email me at for more details.

Thanks for visiting!